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Officials are a vital part of our club, and we are proud to boast some of the most highly qualified officials in the country. Why not consider officiating – it’s fun, friendly, very rewarding, and you will always feel wanted!

Interested in officiating?

We need you!

Officials standing on a timekeeping stand

Officials – who needs them? Just about anyone who is trying to run an athletics club or organise an athletics meeting needs officials. Not only to understand and apply the rules ensuring a fair competition, but importantly, to ensure a safe competition, both for athletes, officials and spectators . Athletes need to relax – happy in the knowledge that the competition is being run under conditions fair and safe to all – to produce their best on the day.

Every qualified official had to start somewhere, usually by offering their services at a League or Open meeting. You would not be expected to work alone, but as part of a team. Whether it’s on the field, judging track races, being a timekeeper, a starter/starter’s assistant or photo finish operator why not come along to a meeting and give officiating a go? There is nothing to stop you trying all the different areas of officiating to see which you enjoy the most.

To get involved contact the clubs officials coordinator.

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